Open-air wedding

Would you like a wedding ceremony high up on a mountain with breathtaking views?

Or would you prefer a romantically decorated field with views of the lake for the ceremony?

Then an open-air wedding is just the ticket for you. Almost every place is suitable for your big day - imagination has no limits.

Often it makes sense to have the ceremony take place where the reception will also be. For example, if you're planning to have the wedding reception in a beautiful castle, the wedding ceremony can be held beforehand on the grounds.

The ceremony is performed by an independent theologian and, as with civil or church ceremonies, the high point is reached when the bride and groom exchange wedding rings. And same-sex couples can also express their love for each other and seal their connection with an open-air wedding ceremony.

The open-air ceremony is open to all couples, regardless of ideology or religion. The couple decides for themselves to what extent the ceremony will be religious or secular. 

Open-air weddings are interesting for the following couples: 

A non-religious ceremony opens up countless design possibilities.



Open-air weddings are interesting for the following couples: 


- Couples who do not want to get married in a church 

- Same-sex couples

- Couples who have no religious affiliation

- Couples from different religions

- Couples who have left the church